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Foreign Languages
Under the aegis of foreign language training programs, the group provides the following training certificate courses:

Japanese Language
In the modern technical era, India and Japan are coming closer for exchanging technical skills. As a part of Asian countries, Japan is the fifth largest country that invests a lot and operates 1680 companies in India. Further, Japan has established the second largest zone at Neemrana (Rajasthan) that requires such engineers who have the acumen of technical and Japanese language. To Train the students in the language, MOSAI established the department in the institute and offered the following courses in Japanese Language:

Basic Japanese Course: One Year 120 Hrs.
The course is for those who have not studied Japanese language. Basic sentences, patterns, conversational expressions and kanji are introduced through pattern practices and interactive programs. Students are entitled to appear in N5 of Japanese language Proficiency Test.

Intermediate 1: One Year 120 Hrs.
This course is for the students who have completed basic course that offers 400 kanji, 2000 words and lessons for writing and reading in simple sentences. It enables students to appear in N4 of the Japanese language Proficiency Test.

Intermediate 2: One Year 120 Hrs.

The students who have completed the intermediate 1 iare entitled to join the course where they are trained in intermediate–level sentence patterns, conversational expressions. The course enables the students to read, write and speak in the target language and makes them eligible for appearing in N3 of JLPT.

Advanced: One Year 120 Hrs.
The course introduces advanced level sentence patterns and conversation. After the completion of the course students will be able to have smooth conversation with Japanese on different topics and write or translate business related documents. It enables the students in interpretation proficiency of Japanese Language and makes them eligible for appearing in N2 of JLPT.

Higher Education Counselling Cell
This cell has been established in the campus for counseling the students who are interested in going to Japan for the following purposes:
Information about higher studies in Japan
Entrance examinations for Japanese Universities
Educational-exchange program
Training programs in Japanese Companies in India and Japan

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